Fifth Disease sucks

My youngest has a suspected case of fifth disease - also known as "slap cheek" and some unpronounceable latin thing. Poor guy feels awful but since it's viral there's nothing to do but wait until he's over it. It's not exactly the best thing to be exposed to when you're pregnant but since I'm almost term there shouldn't be a problem.

There is a blood test they can do to make sure that it's really Parvovirus 19 ( the nasty stuff that causes fifth disease) but since it doesn't really matter, it's not like there's any medicine for it, most doctors don't bother.

I just wish my kids didn't think they had to run a fever every time they had a runny nose - and not little ones either but 101 and up. It's really annoying because I hear all these lectures from the school nurse "If he has a fever there HAS to be something else wrong, he needs to see a doctor" - why, so the doctor can tell me he has a cold? See his sniffly nose? That he caught from some other kid? Yeah, that's why he has a fever, he's just weird that way.


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