Rei and Jade...fight fight fight

She felt like she was burning alive. Rei felt the heat sweep over her body in a flood. The shock forced her into the wall of reality, her mind waking violently. It gave her a headache. Her eyes snapped open and then immediately shut again. The light in the room, however dim, still sent bolts of pain screaming along her optic nerves. Her skin was tingling all over, and not a nice tingle but the shooting pains one got after sitting too long in one position. She opened her mouth and screamed.

The hand that slapped over her lips had her eyes popping open again regardless of the pain. It was large, slightly calloused, and smelled like musk and sandalwood. Definately male. The room swam in bleary shades of blue and black while her eyes fought to focus.

"Shh, princess. It won't be so bad in a minute." The voice sounded like one of the actors in Minako's favorite soap opera, the low, slightly cheesy and smarmy fakeness that was supposed to pass for sexy. Rei was not impressed. Her vision finally cleared and her nerve endings stopped screaming enough so she could tell she was immersed in water. It felt boiling hot, but she was sure it was merely lukewarm. And she was naked, in a blue marble bathtub big enough for two or three. And there was a man standing over her, his eyes locked on her chest, his lips twitching in a self-satisfied smirk. Rei lost her temper.

She ripped his hand from her mouth and vaulted over the edge of the tub in one smooth motion, her body suprisingly cooperative after it's brush with hypothermia. But the floor was slick and the water streaming from her body didn't help. She sprawled on the tiles immediately after trying to stand up and run for it. A sharp smack across the rear had her howling in anger.

"Knock that off, pervert." Rei attempted to flip over but a boot in the middle of her back kept her pinned to the floor. And it hurt. It hurt more than it should have. She picked up a flash of gray in the corner of the room and realization clicked in. She swore.

"So, little sailor senshi. I should have known you little incompetents couldn't be anything more than schoolgirls." The pressure on her back increased and she held back a groan of pain and embarassment. "I can't believe you managed to destroy Beryl, but she was nothing in the great scheme of things. Our great master had little need for her, and she has even less need for you. So be good unless you'd like to be dead." Rei snorted, but the sound was immediately regretted as another smack across the rear had her wincing in pain. She shivered, the cold tile and her wet body had a chill seeping through her bones. There was a long moment of silence.

"Let me up." Her voice was raspy and her throat hurt, but the boot lifted.

"You will get back in the tub immediately, and you will stay there while I gradually increase the water temperature." His voice had changed again. This time it was hard and cold, and sexy, Rei admitted to herself with a shiver before she pushed the traitorous thought from her conciousness. She laid on the floor, too embarrassed to move. Him staring at her bare backside was one thing, but she hadn't liked the look in his eyes. The decision was taken away from her. He moved swiftly, picking her up and dumping her into the tub in one smooth motion. She went under the water and came up sputtering.

"That's better. Now, little Pyro. What's your real name?" Rei crossed her arms over her chest and lifted her knees in an attempt to block her body from his gaze.

"I'm not going to tell you anything, Jadeite."



i really hope you post more of these short stories up
they are great

2005-04-16 6:20 pm


Ooo! Very interesting, I hope you add on to it I would really love to see what happens next. Awesome job! ^_~

2005-05-26 8:12 am

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